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This soil salinity corrector also reduces the undesirable effects of irrigation waters with high conductivity or with excessive sodium.
This product is recommended for treating saline soils. It acts by adding calcium to the soil solution, which moves the sodium of the exchange complex through the organic acids, facilitating the washing of the toxic ions (sodium, chlorides, etc.).
Thanks to CONTRASAL's formulation with certain organic acids, it keeps the calcium from precipitating upon entering into contact with the soil. So it remains dissolved until reaching the clay-humus complex and occupying the places of the sodium. This frees the sodium from the complex, which irrigation water washes away from the root zone.


Drip irrigation:
- Citrus, fruit trees and vineyard: 10-20 l/ha, distributed along the cycle.
- Vegetables and flower crops: 10-20 l/ha distributed into 4-5 applications with a 10-days interval.
Flood irrigation:
- Increase the drip irrigation doses by a 15-20%.

- 15-90 ml/m3 of water, depending on the water analysis, soil texture and kind of crop.

No mezclar con productos fuertemente ácidos o alcalinos, ni con los que contengan fosfatos. En los demás casos se recomienda realizar una prueba previa de compatibilidad.

Total nitrogen (N) 8.2 % (w/w)
Calcium (CaO) 14.2 % (w/w)

Complexing agent: organic acids.

pH = 2.9
Density = 1.5 kg/l


Shake before use. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Rinse skin after use. Store at a temperature between 5 and 30 ºC.

Net contents: 1 - 5 - 20 L